How are the Services provided by Maayaa Marketing is different from other Digital Marketing Companies?



Though the field of Digital Marketing is relatively new, there are 1000s of service providers around the world. How to choose a digital marketing service provider or how is Maayaa Marketing Services is different from that of the other providers in market.

Maayaa Marketing Services has two important specialities, when compared to other internet marketing service providers –

  1. is the home grown product for marketing/publishing one time content to multiple social media channels at one shot.
  2. Online Web Presence Optimization process for building the Content Marketing Engine is our unique process.

Using the product and process, we can provide excellent results in making Online Brand for the company/customer.

Maayaa Marketing Services


Local Business Online Marketing and Online Presence – Digital Marketing – India



We have been doing online marketing for local businesses for quite sometime.  This article is about the online marketing and maintaining online presence of a particular local business and let us take an example of one of our customers – Sun Driving School, Madurai, India.

It was a gradual process of adopting this local business into our Online/Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Machine. Sun Driving School had been one of our long time customers from the beginning.

To just name a few of our one time work and continuous effort we put in for this company –
We have an excellent website first of all – Sun Driving School.
Next, we have presence in Facebook and it is active. We found where are the customers hanging out and what were the keywords anybody would search for benefits of the local business. We went to those like – Facebook, All kinds of Online Classifieds, Google Maps, Blogs and Online Website.

If anyone searches for driving school in Madurai, Sun Driving School is the best. This company also thanks us for the increase in number of enquiries in their business and improvement in their business after digital marketing. Another reason is most of their customers are all youngsters and they can be caught or met only in Social Media these days!!

On top of that, as we usually advocate, it is not enough if we do Online Marketing, but also the customer has to perform well and satisfy all their customers with their service and customer satisfaction policy.

Overall, this is just a case study of Online Marketing and Online Presence done by Maayaa Marketing Services.

What does Social Media teach us for life? – positive side of Social Media

social media and life

social media and life

Social media teaches a lot for life.

1) Social Media teaches us and appreciates us to become social!
2) Like others opinions and give them recognition and appreciation.
3) Share what you have enjoyed to others.
4) Freedom of speech and expressing our own opinion.
5) Space for everyone.
6) Freedom to exist.
7) Be Social and be connected with every one
8) Document everything in life.
9) Market yourself very easily.
10) Reach out the positive message to every one easily. Spreading good message!

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Broadening your Content Marketing – Inbound Marketing Tips



There are two streams to take care, in terms of Broadening your Content marketing.

Strategy and Activities.

In terms of Strategy, there are bunch of things to do –
1) Research in the domain of the busiiness,
2) Generate new Ideas about the business and its content,
3) Become Social (that is socially online – creating social accounts and maintenance of the same) and
4) plan for Content Marketing and setup a calendar.

In terms of Activities, here are other things to do –
1) Create and maintain Blog.
2) Create Guest Blogs
3) Create Infographics, publish and circulate.
4) Create Press Release, publish and circulate.
5) Create Whitepapers, publish and circulate into Social Media
6) Create Surveys, publish and circulate into Social Media
7) Create Videos, publish and circulate into Social Media
8) Create Images, publish and circulate into Social Media

Overall, create Quality and Original Content and that is one of the key things to do in Content Marketing.

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Inbound Marketing is about Good Character and Good Human Being following non-violence – Karma Yoga

character3 character2 character1

I see Inbound Marketing is like a good character and being a good human being!!

Sometimes, I think mostly all the inbound marketing professionals will become vegetarian:-) lol.

1) Ahimsa (non-violence):
This is the policy followed by Mahatma Gandhi of India, for achieving Independence in India before 1947. Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing is kind of same, you don’t make outbound calls to anybody. Just keep on doing your work.

2) Being with good character
3) Good (Language) English Communication
4) It’s ok if you are shy: All you have to do is write/type and no need to talk to anybody.
5) Disciplined Approach of Content Marketing every day.
6) Being Consistent in Content Marketing every day or periodically and don’t miss any posts.
7) Honesty: Does not copy from anyone and that will affect the Content Marketing Engine.
8) Most will like you, for your character: Yes, both the readers and the Search Engines will love you for this character.
9) Overall – Karma Yoga: As it is said in Bhagavat Gita (The bible of Hindu Religion, recited by Lord Krishna) – Just do your duty and do not think about results and it will happen automatically, whatever is supposed to happen.!!!

Agree? 🙂

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Content Marketing Training – Inbound Marketing Training – Social Media Marketing – SEO Training – Search Engine Optimization Training

SEO Training

SEO Training

We are IT professional with almost 15 years. We are very passionate about Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO and Internet Marketing. We would love to share the knowledge to non-technical persons, freshers and entry level technical juniors and anyone interested to learn passionately and use it accordingly.

We also run Digital Marketing Agency – Maayaa Marketing Services. We are based at Chennai and We can provide online and also offline training in the above mentioned topics.

Thank you

Contact:, +91-9629815554 or +91-9566606771.

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Titbits of Inbound Marketing – Search Engine Optimization – SEO Professional – SEO Training

SEO - search engine optimization professional

SEO – search engine optimization professional

SEO is part of Inbound Marketing. The way marketing was done has changed nowadays. Traditional Marketing is the way, in which companies use advertisements to reach to the consumers. Inbound Marketing is the new way, in which consumers and customers will contact the companies and one of the ways that can be done is using SEO.

SEO is more about discipline, validity of HTML, readability of Content and providing good content in proper way to the readers/internet consumers. If our SEO efforts can do that to the website in such a way that the reader likes it, then Search Engines would automatically like the website.

It is not only marketing companies that will need SEO professionals, but also every company will need a SEO and Content Marketing professionals in future. Every company will realize there is a need for inbound marketing professionals in-house.

Even if you don’t want to work anywhere, you can become a consultant easily after learning SEO. You can be on your own and be a PRO!!