KFJ Jewellers – a case study – Social Media Marketing – Digital Marketing – Inbound Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, KFJ Jewellery, Chennai Jewellery Market

KFJ Jewellery, Chennai Jewellery Market

Recently there was an advertisement in TV for KFJ with Prakash Raj starrer – “Kalyana Vayasil Ponnu irunthaa tension thaane”. That means – “if you have children at the age of marriage, it is tension”. There is lot of opposition from many consumers even in facebook for their page, but in other hand KFJ says that this ad, does not stop there and this is not a negative ad. It says that it is not a tension, but that can be solved by KFJ. The interest of the article is not to go into the details of the TV ad and its purpose.

When I was watching this ad, I could not hear clearly what Actor Prakash Raj said in the TV, so what I did is – I googled for KFJ, but I observed quite a few ONLINE PRESENCE improvements for KFJ.

1) KFJ corporate site itself was not on first page.
2) There were few negative complaints on the first page. (might not be true complaints – that is not the interest of this article)
3) Social Media presence and participation needs lot of improvement.

We see lot of scope for improvement in Search Engine Optimization, Online Presence, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Presence and Engagement of the consumers via Social Media and Internet, which we can help.

Online Reputation Management is a curation technique to have negative comments go down for the company in the search results. SEO and Social Media presence to be done for the company to be on top of the Google Search Results and better engage customers.

This is a courtesy analysis of the company’s online presence evaluation.

Looking forward to improving KFJ ‘ s online presence given a chance.

KFJ Logo – It is KFJ’s proprietary logo and KFJ is the owner of the logo.

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