Improve Online presence for customer drastically, but gradually – Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Bring Customers to do more business

We follow a regulated process to implement Inbound Marketing for our customers and make online web presence for the customers.

Creation of Internet and Social Media Accounts: First step before anything is to create the accounts, where the content is going to be published and also shared.

Keywords Research and Collection: As a first step, we understand the business and list down all the keywords that the customer’s business is in. We can either target 5-10 keywords or we could target 10-20 keywords.

Continuous Content Contribution: We create a content contribution calendar and we stick to the calendar to contribute content.

Share the content: Once a content is created, that content is verified and shared across these channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc.,

Search Engine Optimization: As a parallel track to the Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing, we also do technical SEO that is Search Engine Optimization. In this way, the SEO evaluation report is submitted to our technical team and they fix the SEO gaps in the customer’s website. However, there is a possibility that customer might not even any website. We also take care of building website also.

Internet Marketing: There are cases for the customer, where we might need to do special internet marketing to pass on the content to not only social media, but also to local and global classifieds and press releases. We specialize in this too.

Having said that, we have a proprietary product called, using which we can create single content, but just publish to 10-50 social media and internet channels at one shot/ that is one click. You may OneClickApp signup for FREE and try it out.

If any questions or if you want to improve your online presence and build your brand, you may contact
Maayaa Marketing Services
+91-9629815554 or +91-9566606771.

Image Courtesy: action coach dot com


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