Inbound Marketing is about Good Character and Good Human Being following non-violence – Karma Yoga

character3 character2 character1

I see Inbound Marketing is like a good character and being a good human being!!

Sometimes, I think mostly all the inbound marketing professionals will become vegetarian:-) lol.

1) Ahimsa (non-violence):
This is the policy followed by Mahatma Gandhi of India, for achieving Independence in India before 1947. Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing is kind of same, you don’t make outbound calls to anybody. Just keep on doing your work.

2) Being with good character
3) Good (Language) English Communication
4) It’s ok if you are shy: All you have to do is write/type and no need to talk to anybody.
5) Disciplined Approach of Content Marketing every day.
6) Being Consistent in Content Marketing every day or periodically and don’t miss any posts.
7) Honesty: Does not copy from anyone and that will affect the Content Marketing Engine.
8) Most will like you, for your character: Yes, both the readers and the Search Engines will love you for this character.
9) Overall – Karma Yoga: As it is said in Bhagavat Gita (The bible of Hindu Religion, recited by Lord Krishna) – Just do your duty and do not think about results and it will happen automatically, whatever is supposed to happen.!!!

Agree? 🙂

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