Local Business Online Marketing and Online Presence – Digital Marketing – India



We have been doing online marketing for local businesses for quite sometime.  This article is about the online marketing and maintaining online presence of a particular local business and let us take an example of one of our customers – Sun Driving School, Madurai, India.

It was a gradual process of adopting this local business into our Online/Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Machine. Sun Driving School had been one of our long time customers from the beginning.

To just name a few of our one time work and continuous effort we put in for this company –
We have an excellent website first of all – Sun Driving School.
Next, we have presence in Facebook and it is active. We found where are the customers hanging out and what were the keywords anybody would search for benefits of the local business. We went to those like – Facebook, All kinds of Online Classifieds, Google Maps, Blogs and Online Website.

If anyone searches for driving school in Madurai, Sun Driving School is the best. This company also thanks us for the increase in number of enquiries in their business and improvement in their business after digital marketing. Another reason is most of their customers are all youngsters and they can be caught or met only in Social Media these days!!

On top of that, as we usually advocate, it is not enough if we do Online Marketing, but also the customer has to perform well and satisfy all their customers with their service and customer satisfaction policy.

Overall, this is just a case study of Online Marketing and Online Presence done by Maayaa Marketing Services.


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