Digital Marketing – Online Marketing for Startups is very important. Grow your Content and Web Presence while you grow!!

social media marketing for startups

internet marketing for startups

When we start young and being to work after college, there are quite a few things we might have to do apart from work. Financial wisdom is Start saving young; Start your insurance policy young etc., These are very beneficial and it is cheaper to start young and reap benefits.

Similarly, if you are a startup and if you have not started your Inbound Marketing – in other words in detail Content marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing then you are missing out something.

It is the long-term vision and that has to be kept in mind. While the company grows from scratch, if the Content grows, it will be awesome to look back when you are like 1000 posts and that means it shows your history. Search Engines will love you and your company and its content and there is much more chances of getting customers looking at your consistency and discipline and your work through your words.

If you want to start Inbound Marketing for your passionate startup, please let us know. We can help.

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Philosophy behind Content Marketing – Inbound Marketing – Social Media Marketing

I love Content Marketing because that is my character.

I am a shy individual and with that Content Marketing suits me a lot. In other words, Inbound Marketing suits me a lot. I don’t have to go and talk to lot of people to market any product or service. At the same time another strength of mine is – Content Writing. I can read and think about any subject and write about that subject with my thinking. It does not stop there. Content Marketing works. Inbound Marketing works and makes wonders with the reach of the people.

Keep continuous information flow and good quality information flow outside and that reaches out to as many people as possible if the information is useful and interesting.

This is part of our Indian culture and human civilization – the Word-to-word and word of mouth marketing. In those days, there were not any separate vehicles for Marketing. If a product or service is good and that is being talked about by somebody and liked by somebody and shared by somebody, automatically, that becomes viral and liked by thousands.

In addition to that, the Recommendation is what Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing is revolving around. If someone recommends something, the matter gets spread.

Inbound and Content Marketing are awesome ways of reaching out to people and it is comparatively cost effective than the oubound marketing.

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Which one is better – Inbound marketing vs Outbound marketing – Hubspot reports



The key findings of Hubspot’s State of Inbound Marketing 2012 report include the following:

  • Inbound leads cost 61% less per lead than outbound leads.
  • 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog.
  • 92% of companies who blog multiple times per day have acquired a customer from their blog.
  • 70% of marketers indicate that they blog at least weekly.
  • 65% of B2B companies report that they have acquired a customer through LinkedIn.
  • 81% of businesses reported their company blog is useful to critical for their business.

Give and Take Policy – Give Likes, Get Likes!! – That is the rule of the world!!!



World revolves and functions around with Recognition. If you don’t appreciate or recognize somebody close, that is going to affect our lives. It could be our spouse or girl friend or boy friend or brother or sister or employee or manager or whoever it might be. Everyone needs LIKES!!!

If Likes are not there, then even FACEBOOK will not exist today in this world. Cleverly Mark Zuckerburg has created Likes, Comments and Share button and He did not opt for UnLike button. The reason is – he wanted Facebook to function without any issues. More unlikes will lead to someone not posting into Facebook. Anyway, this is my personal opinion.

The purpose I started this article is to give Likes and get Likes. Only if you appreciate someone, you get back appreciation. If we are appreciative, we get appreciation. That is the rule of the world.

Coming back to the Inbound Marketing Technique, it is always better to participate in others postings and like the ones you like and automatically, there is a chance that the likes will come back to you for your postings.

Hope you got it! Some simple techniques for Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing!!

Facebook Page for Business is an important channel and Storefront of a Business to connect to the consumers and customers

facebook page

facebook page


Yes, Facebook Page for Business is an important channel and Storefront of a Business to connect to the consumers and customers.

As I said, in one of my previous posts, I would like to stress that point again. Like many politicians in India, who own television channels and/or newspaper press for publishing their articles or the news related to their campaign and their portfolio, so that they can be connected to the people directly and also publish the news about them and be close to the people and be connected with people.

Similar to that, for every business Facebook Page is a must. That is one of the best ways to be connected with consumers and customers and also engage them continuously with the business and domain related to the business.

There are quite a bit of proven ways of engaging the customers continuously via the Facebook Fan Page and we have the proven techniques to do that with our proprietary Content Marketing Plan and the process.

In fact, using our FREE product, we can do publishing of Content continuously with one click to various channels.

How to get thousands of Facebook followers to the business fan page?

facebook likes and followers

facebook likes and followers

Facebook is one of the faces or storefronts of the business in many ways ONLINE. Even though there is a corporate website present for the business, there is a need for Facebook Fan Page. Here are the simple things you could do to increase and multiply the number of facebook followers in the business Facebook Fan Page.

1) First of all, a facebook page has to be created.
2) Facebook page has to be optimized to have all the necessary descriptions and titles appropriately to be search engine friendly. This step is a part of search engine optimization.
3) Notify all the friends in the facebook account that this page is created.
4) Add the Facebook Page Link for Likes to all your websites and any media page you have.
5) Content Marketing at its best to the Facebook Page. Post unique and quality content every day and of course according to a calendar.
6) Share your own content and do not duplicate and also do not share links. Better go with your own content.
7) Share images – infographics, videos and obviously interesting videos.
8) Provide compliments by giving them something, if they click Likes to your Facebook page.
9) Promote your own content into various social media accounts you might have.
You may use products like, in order to publish the content into multiple social media at one shot.
10) At last, Facebook paid ads helps a lot. Depending upon your Business and Facebook Page content, your content can go viral and paid ads will act only like a lighter to the fire, Organically there is a possibility Facebook page fans might increase in 1000s.

All the very best to get the followers.
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