How to make your content viral – Viral Marketing – Maayaa Marketing Services – Inbound Marketing?

viral marketing by maayaa marketing

viral marketing by maayaa marketing

Creation of content is one part of the challenge, or probably easy part for many. However, making that content become popular and reach to many is most tough part in this business.

Viral can happen in varying degrees – either in the domain you are trying market or to a geography or in fact to the whole world as well.

A content cannot be made viral automatically or purposefully. We probably have to create a content first of all and secondly post or publish to the variety of social media channels and internet channels and then hope for it to go viral.

At last, the key in Content going viral is mostly about the content – that is the Content should be postiive, emotional or interesting for people to read or see it. Niche, funny, interesting, moving, it should instigate many people to share with lot of readers or viewers. The Content has to be viral worthiness. The content has to be special or new for the audience.

The content has to instigate people to retweet, or share or forward the content to many others in social media in multiples. News groups or forums or FB Pages, Groups has to be take it up and share it there, so that it gets multiplied in viewership.

Personally, I think it is all about CONTENT. It is all about how the Content is presented and what the content will do to the mind or heart/feelings of the audience matters!!! Period.

No matter how hard you try, at last it depends on the timing, luck, state of mind of all the audience, current mood of the audience and you might not be able to predict it exactly if your content can go online or not.

image courtesy: blog dot bmt micro dot com


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