Give and Take Policy – Give Likes, Get Likes!! – That is the rule of the world!!!



World revolves and functions around with Recognition. If you don’t appreciate or recognize somebody close, that is going to affect our lives. It could be our spouse or girl friend or boy friend or brother or sister or employee or manager or whoever it might be. Everyone needs LIKES!!!

If Likes are not there, then even FACEBOOK will not exist today in this world. Cleverly Mark Zuckerburg has created Likes, Comments and Share button and He did not opt for UnLike button. The reason is – he wanted Facebook to function without any issues. More unlikes will lead to someone not posting into Facebook. Anyway, this is my personal opinion.

The purpose I started this article is to give Likes and get Likes. Only if you appreciate someone, you get back appreciation. If we are appreciative, we get appreciation. That is the rule of the world.

Coming back to the Inbound Marketing Technique, it is always better to participate in others postings and like the ones you like and automatically, there is a chance that the likes will come back to you for your postings.

Hope you got it! Some simple techniques for Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing!!


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