Customers who do not need Internet or Inbound or Digital Marketing!!

I was talking to an entrepreneur today and I was enquiring about his business. He runs a cycle retail store, where he sells bicycles. He said his business is going very well and I did not have any scope for marketing my services of Inbound or Internet or Digital Marketing to him and his business.

The response he gave is that he does not need Online Marketing for now and that is because he has sufficient business already and he does not need more business. Interesting situation to have!! In fact, I was not trying to sell, but he is not “needing” the online marketing. Anyway, he will come to the Online Marketing soon.

In a way, people who are satisfied with their offline marketing and referral marketing, they get their hands full and they don’t need Online Marketing.

In other hand, I see there is so much need for him to start working on building the brand of his from day 1. It is better to engage with customers and prospects from today itself to connect with them and be in touch in all ways.

Still I believe, this entrepreneur needs Online Marketing!! 🙂