Omni-Channel Marketing Analysis and Implementation


Today, we at Maayaa Marketing Services (OneClick India Digital Marketing Agency) did a thorough analysis on what is the status of Omni-Channel Marketing for the Gold Jewellers in Chennai.

We have a huge list 150+ points of check-list to do consulation and evaluation analysis of the current situation of the Omni-Channel Marketing for any business today.

First, we listed the companies we wanted to evaluate and came up with jotting down points and comments for every data point we have in the check list.

GRT Jewellers
Prince Jewellery
NAC Jewellery
Mehta Jewellery
Nathella Jewellery
Khazana Jewellery
Sree Kumaran Thanga Maligai
Nalli Jewellery
Vummidi VBJ
Kamadhenu Jewellery
Lalithaa Jewellery
Kerala Jewellery

We found ONLY one or two jewellers doing perfect Omni-Channel Marketing. Some are doing decent Multi-Channel Marketing, but they are not engaging the customers properly and because of that they are loosing business. Some of the jewellers are seriously doing bad in terms of Omni-Channel or Multi-Channel Marketing perspectives.

We can help you if needed and we will be happy to help. Thank you

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