Setting up Omni-Channel Marketing from your existing Multi-Channel Marketing easily


As we have discussed in our previous articles, your company might have Multi-Channel Marketing already setup. Ok, one step back – What is Multi-Channel Marketing? There might be various channels your company might be marketing today like In-Store/In-Office, Outdoor, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc., But, do you think that is enough?

The answer is BIG No. We are missing a major opportunity, if you are not doing omni-channel marketing.

We have researched thoroughly on how to implement Omni-Channel Marketing in any organization. Customer using any medium or channel should be able to reach a Customer Service Executive, who will be at last doing a Point of Sale. This will make every Channel to lead to a point of sale and that is the most effective way of marketing and that is what is Omni-Channel Marketing.

Just to give an example in a brief in few lines —
In your website, there has to be links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other Social Media, the information about your point of sale store/shop/sales office Location with Map, Phone Numbers which are active, LiveChat in your website, MCF component (where the visitor of the website can view blog feed, see Twitter feed, share it into major social media), website to be SEO Compatible,
eCommerce functionality if it is B2C, E-Mail Subscription (Get their Email), Standard Content like Case Studies,
Whitepapers(Get their Contact Details), Video on home page (link to YouTube) etc., This is just to give example. All of these should lead to a point of sale and that is the success of the marketing.

We have a detailed strategy on implementation of Omni-Channel Marketing and we can do a FREE Consultation in person or by phone in detail and we will talk exactly about your business and no general presentation.


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