Omni-Channel Marketing Company in India on the rise – Maayaa Marketing Services


Maayaa Marketing Services is an Omni-Channel Marketing Company which monitors,
interacts, broadcasts and engages with the prospects and customers in all touch points of the today’s communication world. Company educates, consults, engages and implements
Social Media Management, Internet Marketing, SEO, Bulk SMS, E-Mail Marketing,
Designing, Printing, Websites, Chats, Mobile Apps, eCommerce, Photos, Videos, Events,
Outdoor Marketing, Customer Experience Management, Feedback and Survey, Content
Marketing via Blogs, Brochures, Whitepapers, Case Studies and more.

Our goal is to make all touch-points and marketing channels talk the same language and to facilitate all marketing channels to the sales platforms. In that way, there is improved sales, for every marketing investment our customers make.

For FREE consultation contact us at
An Omni-Channel Marketing Company OR
+91-9629557866 or +91-9566606771


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