How to use Social Media Marketing for Hair Extensions Business Online for more sales? – MAAYAA MARKETING CUSTOMERS Case Study


Hair Extensions business can be marketed offline and also via online. Lately, Online Marketing is the best, easy and cost effective mechanism to build your Hair Extensions Business brand and also improve the sales of your business.

Create your Facebook Business Page and make a calendar for content posting. One post a day is a great scenario, but if you cannot then post 3-4 posts at the least every week. This will keep your customers and prospects engaged with your business. When you post content, post about your products, services, any interesting happennings in your company and also in your industry and whatever your customer would like to see or listen to. This will help your customers be in touch with you all the time.

Timing of posting your content – Post your content, when your customers are active in the social media. That will be mostly during the day time in the weekdays when all the customers are in office or using laptop or tab or mobile more.

Network with your friends – Community based and referral based selling is the best way to improve sales. Be and stay connected with the community in all other matters and automatically you will get sales from your friends, because they know from your personal updates in Facebook that you are doing the Hair Extensions business.

Promotion of offers via Social Media – Pushing off the old products as a promotion with sales offers will get more customers and they might end up being your life long customers.

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