Identification of keywords for a company or business is the first strategy of the Digital Marketing Plan



Whenever we start with the customer’s business for Digital Marketing, setting the marketing target for the customer is the first step. Next, what we focus is creating a custom digital marketing plan for the customer. The first step in the plan would be to identify the list of keywords we should aim to market for the customer.

For example, for a digital marketing company like Maayaa Marketing Services, the first step would be to identify the keywords we should aim from the top priority to the the lowest priority.

Keywords for Maayaa Marketing Services:
Omni-Channel Marketing
Social Media Management – SMM – Social Media Bulk Publishing
Internet Marketing
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization – SEO
Customer Experience Management, Feedback and Survey Management
Inbound Marketing
Logo Design
Website Design
Design, Printing Visiting Card, Brochures, Rubber Stamp, Letter Head
Photos, Videos, Events, Outdoor Marketing,
Content Marketing, Blogs, Brochures, Whitepapers, Case studies
Bulk SMS
E-Mail Marketing

The order in which it is laid out is from top to bottom.

We have tools to identify what keyword is best for you and we can help you identify what keywords we should aim for any kind of business. If any questions, please contact us – Maayaa Marketing Services,,, +91-9566606771.


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