How do you maintain good Customer Experience via in-person and customer via phone?


I was standing in a queue for a customer service. There was one elderly person ahead of me. Only one customer representative attending all the customers in the queue. While he was attending us, he got a phone call and he started talking to the phone customer.

The elderly customer said why do you talk on phone instead of dealing with customers. The representative responded – I am talking to a customer only.

Actually, the representative should prioritize on which customer is important, though there is a fact that all customers are same and customer is a customer. Now, he has got an irritated customer.

How should have the representative deal with this kind of situation?

Ideally, the customer in person is most important, because he/she had come all the way in person to deal with the representative or the Company. Having said that, the phone customer could be in an emergency as well. So, the representative should check if someone else can attend the phone or the in person customer. If there is no other resource to take care, then he should check if it is an emergency for the phone customer. if not, then ask for the name and phone number of the customer and ask if he can call back the customer. If that is done, he can attend the in person customer with complete satisfaction and then call the phone customer and take care of them too.

Customer Experience at all mediums and PoS and point of contacts is very important. Any damage to the phone customer or to the in person customer will lead to bad review comments in the Social Media and that is kind of tough to remove it, though Maayaa Marketing Services can help you with Online Reputation Management as well.

Contact Maayaa Marketing Services, an omni-channel marketing company in Chennai India for your process improvement for Customer Experience Management and usage of tools.


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