Jewellers in Chennai and their Social Media Marketing and Online Digital Brand Presence – Complete Research and Study

We did an analysis and study of the current status of Online Digital Brand Presence of Jewellers, after their work in Social Media Marketing and Online Digital Marketing so far.

Here are the results –
The following jewellers have done a fantastic job in Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing. They use the social media very much to engage prospects and website visitors to engage customers

GRT Jewellers
Prince Jewellery
Jos Alukkas

The following jewellers have done a fairly good job, but there are some improvements which can be done in order to engage the customers all the way up to sales.

NAC Jewellery
Mehta Jewellery
Nathella Jewellery
Khazana Jewellery

The following jewellers use Social Media, but not at all engaging. They post unrelated topics, purely marketing and not very engaging to the customers.

Sree Kumaran Thanga Maligai
Lalithaa Jewellery
Nalli Jewellery
Vummidi VBJ
Kamadhenu Jewellery

The following needs complete revamp of their Online presence and Digital Marketing techniques to reach up to others level.
Kerala Jewellery
Saravana Stores Jewellery

If you have any questions or need any suggestions on how to improve, contact us for a FREE Consultation –
Maayaa Marketing Services


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