Can we do marketing for a startup, when the product and company website is not ready?

Marketing for startup is absolutely needed. But, the question is can we start the marketing and reach out to people for spreading the product or services or business news to possible customers, before even the product or services is ready?

Absolutely, Yes. Just with the idea conception itself, we could start digital marketing. There are various levels of marketing. Direct in person marketing can be done only when the product is ready. Phone based marketing can be done only when the product is ready. How about Bulk SMS and E-Mail Marketing – May be yes, but this should be only for creating awareness, but we won’t have any links to the product.

Next level is the Digital Marketing – Internet Marketing – Content Marketing – Inbound Marketing – Automatic Lead Generation, which can be done absolutely on the day 1 itself.

And that is what we call ourselves king! Content Marketing is the best way to create awareness in terms of the product, industry, services and business to the consumers.


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