Influencer Marketing in Chennai – Top companies and the influencer marketing digital marketing strategy

There are various ways to achieve Digital Marketing. Every couple of months, there is a new terms identified as part of the Digital Marketing strategies. One of them is Influence Marketing and that was not very popular in India in first place. Only in foreign countries, influence marketing was popular.

Lately about an year ago, Influencer Marketing has been realized as a potential way to reach out to lakhs of consumers and have their purchase decisions affected. The way it works is – Given an idea or product or service or a business to reach lot of people, top influenzers with a huge following is identified. That is the influenzer will have a huge following in terms of blog or in any of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.,

The top websites or companies which have the huge influencer database are –

IndiPR – Indiblogger.
influencer dot in
fromote dot com
Dinfluencer dot com
Influenzer dot com

Having given the list, what we do in MAAYAA MARKETING SERVICES is that we don’t give the pain of having you contact the influencer or influencer companies, but we actually take care of the complete CAMPAIGN and contact and work with influencer for your campaign. How about that?

Contact us for any influence marketing needs and related campaign –


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