Digital Marketing Costs and Prices in Maayaa Marketing Agency

When we propose Digital Marketing, considering the customer’s need, We suggest the following services – 

1) Search Engine Optimization – Will aim for identified keywords – Rs.xxxx charged ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS.
2) Content Marketing – Blogging – 3 to 5 to 7(also in best case weeks) blog posts per week talking about subject matter, Business Operations of industry etc.,targeting the identified keywords. – Rs.xxxx PER MONTH.
3) Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and InstagramRs.xxxx PER MONTH.
(a) In addition We provide access to our proprietary product FREE of cost, to post content to different social media platforms at one click.

4) Internet Marketing – Posting the website link in various classifieds and related forums, for the reach of the brand in different channels and PR websites. – Rs.xxxx ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS. We will do two times in 6 months.
5) Collection of business Database of Chennai, other cities in Tamil Nadu, other metro cities in India and if possible other non-metro cities of other states of India. – Price not fixed yet.
6) Bulk SMS facilityPrice not fixed yet.
7) Apart from this, there are some things we could do if we have higher budget, like Influencer Marketing (by contacting all the bloggers India wide) and paying them and also in addition to that we could do Google Paid Ads, Facebook Paid Ads etc., We could discuss more on this.



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