Powerful Marketing Methods to reach all the channels via Multi-Channel Marketing – Casa Grande Builders in Chennai


Today, I wake up in the morning and after my normal physical and sports exercises, I open different newspapers for the day. Considering that it is Saturday, I have some time to spend with the newspapers for the day. Saturday is usually a great day to reach out to buyers and stay into the minds of them for the future purchase.

Having got the news about the new project launch and its offer price by Casa Grande builders in Chennai via the newspapers, it stayed in my mind. I already know the other competitor builders in the same area doing in the same range of rates, with the apartment product ready itself.

I decide to go via that route and try to check out the product they are launching. In the car, I listen to the radio and I hear the news about the launch of the new projects by Casa Grande Builders. Another hit on my head with the same news. This puts strong into my mind.

I see a big banner on the way of the product launch by Casa Grande Builders of Chennai. I see small banners near my home, which is 10 kms away from the actual project of the builder. On the way to the project of the builder, I see direction pointing of the building project in every turn all the way from the OMR starting point.

Websites are updated. Social Media is updated with all the updates of Casa Grande’s new project launch and what we are trying to say here is – The project has excellently reached all the people in Chennai. Awesome work by Casa Grande Chennai on Multi-Channel Marketing.


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