Problems and Solutions – Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Lot of money is spent on traditional marketing and advertising techniques. Maayaa can help in cutting costs of outbound marketing and traditional/outdoor marketing and also perform effective advertisement.

Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing Solution:
Inbound Marketing is cost effective and Maayaa provides Enterprise Inbound Marketing Services and Consulting in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Madurai.

Outbound is not effective and more money is spent, in comparison with that of the Inbound Marketing.


Methodology and Process of Inbound Marketing Chennai Bangalore Mumbai Hyderabad

An established and proven methodology is followed to achieve Client’s business objectives. Simply put, the steps followed are as under

– Get Found – A powerful online presence using Business Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Internet so that prospects can find you.

Convert – B2C and B2B Lead Generation, Conversion and Nurturing

Analyze – Inbound Marketing Analysis

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How to contact and start with the Digital Marketing journey with Maayaa Marketing Agency? FREE consultation of Internet Marketing

We do understand and appreciate your busy schedule, however would like to schedule an appointment to meet you at your premises or our premises (whichever is comfortable for you) for about 15-20 minutes of your valuable time to make you understand how we can add value to your organization and what we are up-to.

Alternatively take advantage of our free, no obligation consultation through fixing an appointment for about 15-20 minutes at your convenient time at your place or in our office (Chennai or Bangalore or Mumbai or Hyderabad or Madurai or Coimbatore) by calling us today on +91-9629557866 or email

One of the Strengths of Maayaa Marketing and Advertising Agency

Strengths of Maayaa Marketing is that we can make your phone ring continuously with quality leads for your business. Be it any business you are in, whatever product or service it could be.

Seriously, we have proved in various markets before and we mean really getting lot of leads. The reason is we know how to reach really via Digital Marketing and use Inbound Marketing techniques to get calls from customers.

How to generate leads via the Social Media techniques. Converting the enquiries and visitors to Customers etc., If you are interested in any one of these or all please let us know. We can explain from scratch, how we can strategize, plan and implement this plan completely for our effective inbound marketing.

You may reach out to us for a FREE consultation!

Can internet marketing and digital marketing help a bad product or a bad company?

Digital Marketing or in other key words Internet Marketing or Inbound Marketing or Social Media Marketing or anything similar to that can help in Online Reputation Management, but can it do anything more?

Whatever marketing efforts any marketing agency does, Sales will boil down to the quality of the product and does the product deliver what is promised. This is what it boils down to.

If the promise is not satisfied, then marketing will back fire with the Bad Reputation in the Internet and Online Presence. Again, clean up efforts will be needed in the Internet for getting Good Reputation Management in the Online Space.

Hence, it is better to do good products, brands and services to make a good marketing and also reaping the benefits of Marketing spend. In fact, in later stages, good quality product will lead to word-of-mouth marketing progress, which is the best way of Marketing without any cost to the company.

Do I need Digital Marketing Consultation, Strategy and Planning for my brand and company?

When someone asks us about Digital Marketing, first thing we do is understand the current online situation of the company or brand. We research on that considering various factors. With this research, the outcome would be to see what the company lags in terms of Digital Marketing and Online Digital Presence.

The next steps of tasks would be based on that. All the improvement steps like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Revamp or Optimization etc., will be done to the company.

However, before we start the work, we take a snapshot of all the Analytics, so that we could show the improvement of the Online Presence and what effect our marketing has done will be shown to the customer.

So, it all starts with the FREE Digital Marketing Consultation customers ask for. We will work on Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning based on your current online presence and situation.

Digital Marketing Consultation and Strategy in Chennai

There is a huge need for Digital Marketing for every company that exists. Some companies realize the need for the Digital Marketing for their products, brands and services. Some companies don’t even realize the need for Digital Marketing, but just be concerned about the fact for the down falling of the revenues, amidst their huge expenditure into Offline Marketing.

We as a Total Marketing Company (Or Omni-Channel Marketing Company), we are not against the Offline Marketing or any other non-digital forms of marketing, but here we would like to stress the need of Digital Marketing for every company.

More than 70% are accessible via Internet and Mobile screens. Digital Marketing is the cheapest and cost-effective way to reach the customers than that of the offline marketing.