Problems and Solutions – Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Lot of money is spent on traditional marketing and advertising techniques. Maayaa can help in cutting costs of outbound marketing and traditional/outdoor marketing and also perform effective advertisement.

Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing Solution:
Inbound Marketing is cost effective and Maayaa provides Enterprise Inbound Marketing Services and Consulting in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Madurai.

Outbound is not effective and more money is spent, in comparison with that of the Inbound Marketing.


Design Process of Digital Branding and Marketing Agency in Chennai

Straight Question! What is your Design Process for Digital Branding and Marketing Agency in Chennai –

This is a standard process which any major Design Studio will follow and this is what our team also does –

Design Brief – Ask Questions to understand and extract what we need from the customer.
Research – To find out about the product, company, competitors, market, industry etc.,
Sketching and Conceptualizing – Actual Design Work
Revisions – Revise and improve the design work
Presentation – Present all of the best outputs to the customer
Delivery – Deliver the BEST Logo
Support – Support on the delivery

We have the best pool of cartoonists, drawing artists to deliver you the design works, as part of MAAYAA DIGITAL BRANDING AGENCY

How should a logo look like, what a logo should convey?

Your Digital Branding Agency should be able to come up with a totally unique logo for your company by following the unique design strategy and process. An effective logo should be distinct, practical, appropriate and in simple form to convey the intended message by following some guidelines about the Logo –

1) Logo must be SIMPLE in form.
2) Logo must be a memorable one.
3) Logo must be long standing for many years to come and for decades even.
4) Logo must be versatile to be compatible to any medium and application
5) At last a logo must be appropriate to convey the correct message.

Learn from the leaders and the established brands and we can learn how brands are built using the LOGOs.


What can your Corporate Logo do to you for Digital Branding? Should I invest a lot for the Logo?

The importance of Corporate Logo is very less known. Only the real business, with long term vision will understand the reason for investing into Corporate Logo is considered well worth.

The time and money spent for the Corporate Logo design can be reaped later. The money you put in today into designing and strategy of Corporate Logo can be brought back in as Sales and Revenue in the long run.

Corporate Logo creates image, solidifies customer loyalty, acts as a powerful marketing tool and establishes ownership.

Remember, Logo and Digital Branding can be converted into Sales numbers later. So, better to invest into Corporate Logos and Digital Branding from the day one.

Your digital branding agency choice to spread the word – MAAYAA MARKETING AGENCY

How to choose your digital branding agency for your products and services?

Branding is the most important part of Marketing. There are cases, in which just the logo can make you sales, once the brand is set to the product and services.

In this digital world, Digital Branding is must for any company of any type. How to choose your digital branding agency is the topic of interest now.

The digital branding agency should be able to create a perfect Corporate Logo, which will convey your important brand elements like Brand Name, Brand Promise, Brand Personality and Brand Associations.

The digital marketing agency should be able to create awareness, insistence, prefernce and recognition of the brand in the minds of the consumers/customers.

There are various ways Brands are conveyed digitally – Logo, Website, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mobile App and more. Digital Marketing Agency or in other words your Digital Branding Agency should be able to spread the word and plant the company brand into the minds of the consumers.

This capability comes with practice, creativity and persistence.

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