Digital Marketing Costs and Prices in Maayaa Marketing Agency

When we propose Digital Marketing, considering the customer’s need, We suggest the following services – 

1) Search Engine Optimization – Will aim for identified keywords – Rs.xxxx charged ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS.
2) Content Marketing – Blogging – 3 to 5 to 7(also in best case weeks) blog posts per week talking about subject matter, Business Operations of industry etc.,targeting the identified keywords. – Rs.xxxx PER MONTH.
3) Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and InstagramRs.xxxx PER MONTH.
(a) In addition We provide access to our proprietary product FREE of cost, to post content to different social media platforms at one click.

4) Internet Marketing – Posting the website link in various classifieds and related forums, for the reach of the brand in different channels and PR websites. – Rs.xxxx ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS. We will do two times in 6 months.
5) Collection of business Database of Chennai, other cities in Tamil Nadu, other metro cities in India and if possible other non-metro cities of other states of India. – Price not fixed yet.
6) Bulk SMS facilityPrice not fixed yet.
7) Apart from this, there are some things we could do if we have higher budget, like Influencer Marketing (by contacting all the bloggers India wide) and paying them and also in addition to that we could do Google Paid Ads, Facebook Paid Ads etc., We could discuss more on this.



Can we do marketing for a startup, when the product and company website is not ready?

Marketing for startup is absolutely needed. But, the question is can we start the marketing and reach out to people for spreading the product or services or business news to possible customers, before even the product or services is ready?

Absolutely, Yes. Just with the idea conception itself, we could start digital marketing. There are various levels of marketing. Direct in person marketing can be done only when the product is ready. Phone based marketing can be done only when the product is ready. How about Bulk SMS and E-Mail Marketing – May be yes, but this should be only for creating awareness, but we won’t have any links to the product.

Next level is the Digital Marketing – Internet Marketing – Content Marketing – Inbound Marketing – Automatic Lead Generation, which can be done absolutely on the day 1 itself.

And that is what we call ourselves king! Content Marketing is the best way to create awareness in terms of the product, industry, services and business to the consumers.

Other factors which speak on Marketing of a business or a product or service – Honesty and Credible business

Apart from the inbound and outbound marketing efforts made by the marketing team of a company or by the outsourced Marketing Services company like Maayaa Marketing Services, there are other factors which take care of the Marketing of the company or business or product or service.

These factors are very basic and fundamentals of the business. These factors are the backbone of any business. These are the factors which add value to the company and which inculcate the practice of word of mouth marketing.

The factors we are talking about are – Honesty and Credibility of the business. If the Honesty, Credibility are taken care by the staff of the company and also by the management, then automatically the online reviews are expected to be good. Word of mouth marketing is the cheapest form of advertisement and marketing, so it is easy.

So, here is a simple advice from Maayaa Marketing Services that you take care of your business very well, be honest and let the credibility of the company stay high and all of the marketing is taken care and no need for any extra effort on Marketing!!

Is Digital Marketing without Lead Generation worth it?

viral marketing by maayaa marketing

viral marketing by maayaa marketing

What is the purpose of Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is a version of Inbound Marketing, where the content and other types of media is propagated to multiple channels of media and content platforms for the consumers to consume. In that way, the information is passed on to all the concerned customers and there is a brand awareness and also possible sales to happen.

So, with the Digital Marketing, it is a fact that there is only a possible sales. But, has gone one step further that – in addition to the Social Media Marketing Management functionality, which is the core of the app, will also help in automatic lead generation from the trendy keywords from the Social Media.

What more does a business need? Easily manage social media marketing and also generate leads right away and reap the benefits of marketing in other hand.

Identification of keywords for a company or business is the first strategy of the Digital Marketing Plan



Whenever we start with the customer’s business for Digital Marketing, setting the marketing target for the customer is the first step. Next, what we focus is creating a custom digital marketing plan for the customer. The first step in the plan would be to identify the list of keywords we should aim to market for the customer.

For example, for a digital marketing company like Maayaa Marketing Services, the first step would be to identify the keywords we should aim from the top priority to the the lowest priority.

Keywords for Maayaa Marketing Services:
Omni-Channel Marketing
Social Media Management – SMM – Social Media Bulk Publishing
Internet Marketing
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization – SEO
Customer Experience Management, Feedback and Survey Management
Inbound Marketing
Logo Design
Website Design
Design, Printing Visiting Card, Brochures, Rubber Stamp, Letter Head
Photos, Videos, Events, Outdoor Marketing,
Content Marketing, Blogs, Brochures, Whitepapers, Case studies
Bulk SMS
E-Mail Marketing

The order in which it is laid out is from top to bottom.

We have tools to identify what keyword is best for you and we can help you identify what keywords we should aim for any kind of business. If any questions, please contact us – Maayaa Marketing Services,,, +91-9566606771.

Customers who do not need Internet or Inbound or Digital Marketing!!

I was talking to an entrepreneur today and I was enquiring about his business. He runs a cycle retail store, where he sells bicycles. He said his business is going very well and I did not have any scope for marketing my services of Inbound or Internet or Digital Marketing to him and his business.

The response he gave is that he does not need Online Marketing for now and that is because he has sufficient business already and he does not need more business. Interesting situation to have!! In fact, I was not trying to sell, but he is not “needing” the online marketing. Anyway, he will come to the Online Marketing soon.

In a way, people who are satisfied with their offline marketing and referral marketing, they get their hands full and they don’t need Online Marketing.

In other hand, I see there is so much need for him to start working on building the brand of his from day 1. It is better to engage with customers and prospects from today itself to connect with them and be in touch in all ways.

Still I believe, this entrepreneur needs Online Marketing!! 🙂

How to implement Omni-Channel experience for the customers using multi-channel marketing


There needs to be some distinction between customers who have a strategy across ‘multiple channels’ and those who have a ‘multichannel strategy’. Our most successful clients use multichannel marketing solutions to create an omni-channel experience for their customers, ensuring they remain at the heart of all personalized communication. Here is a great diagram that really illustrates the differences in each philosophy from mimeographs –

image source:

source: emarsys