Truth about Search Engine Optimization and Online or Digital Marketing

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Truth about SEO and Content Marketing

If you ask any SEO professional, he/she would tell you – what we do is only EFFORTS to our best. There is other side to it, which we don’t have control over (SEARCH ENGINE).

SEO and Content Marketing efforts are like praying to God! You just keep doing your duty in terms of SEO, perform continuous Content Marketing consistently with high discipline contributing high quality content. While you do that, we would not see the next day results, similar to praying God and getting results!!

SEO and Content Marketing Efforts has to be performed “religiously” and you would see the results in couple of months automatically. And it does not stop there… It is not a one time effort. Like praying God, this has to be done continuously.

To the customers – If somebody promises that he can assure you to get your website to first page next day, then that is a lie. It is a continuous and consistent disciplinary effort to achieve the results and also to keep up the achievement.

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