Problems and Solutions – Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Lot of money is spent on traditional marketing and advertising techniques. Maayaa can help in cutting costs of outbound marketing and traditional/outdoor marketing and also perform effective advertisement.

Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing Solution:
Inbound Marketing is cost effective and Maayaa provides Enterprise Inbound Marketing Services and Consulting in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Madurai.

Outbound is not effective and more money is spent, in comparison with that of the Inbound Marketing.


Methodology and Process of Inbound Marketing Chennai Bangalore Mumbai Hyderabad

An established and proven methodology is followed to achieve Client’s business objectives. Simply put, the steps followed are as under

– Get Found – A powerful online presence using Business Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Internet so that prospects can find you.

Convert – B2C and B2B Lead Generation, Conversion and Nurturing

Analyze – Inbound Marketing Analysis

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Identification of keywords for a company or business is the first strategy of the Digital Marketing Plan



Whenever we start with the customer’s business for Digital Marketing, setting the marketing target for the customer is the first step. Next, what we focus is creating a custom digital marketing plan for the customer. The first step in the plan would be to identify the list of keywords we should aim to market for the customer.

For example, for a digital marketing company like Maayaa Marketing Services, the first step would be to identify the keywords we should aim from the top priority to the the lowest priority.

Keywords for Maayaa Marketing Services:
Omni-Channel Marketing
Social Media Management – SMM – Social Media Bulk Publishing
Internet Marketing
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization – SEO
Customer Experience Management, Feedback and Survey Management
Inbound Marketing
Logo Design
Website Design
Design, Printing Visiting Card, Brochures, Rubber Stamp, Letter Head
Photos, Videos, Events, Outdoor Marketing,
Content Marketing, Blogs, Brochures, Whitepapers, Case studies
Bulk SMS
E-Mail Marketing

The order in which it is laid out is from top to bottom.

We have tools to identify what keyword is best for you and we can help you identify what keywords we should aim for any kind of business. If any questions, please contact us – Maayaa Marketing Services,,, +91-9566606771.

How to use Social Media Marketing for Hair Extensions Business Online for more sales? – MAAYAA MARKETING CUSTOMERS Case Study


Hair Extensions business can be marketed offline and also via online. Lately, Online Marketing is the best, easy and cost effective mechanism to build your Hair Extensions Business brand and also improve the sales of your business.

Create your Facebook Business Page and make a calendar for content posting. One post a day is a great scenario, but if you cannot then post 3-4 posts at the least every week. This will keep your customers and prospects engaged with your business. When you post content, post about your products, services, any interesting happennings in your company and also in your industry and whatever your customer would like to see or listen to. This will help your customers be in touch with you all the time.

Timing of posting your content – Post your content, when your customers are active in the social media. That will be mostly during the day time in the weekdays when all the customers are in office or using laptop or tab or mobile more.

Network with your friends – Community based and referral based selling is the best way to improve sales. Be and stay connected with the community in all other matters and automatically you will get sales from your friends, because they know from your personal updates in Facebook that you are doing the Hair Extensions business.

Promotion of offers via Social Media – Pushing off the old products as a promotion with sales offers will get more customers and they might end up being your life long customers.

More about Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing for your business you may contact – Maayaa Marketing Services or or call +91-9566606771 .

Customers who do not need Internet or Inbound or Digital Marketing!!

I was talking to an entrepreneur today and I was enquiring about his business. He runs a cycle retail store, where he sells bicycles. He said his business is going very well and I did not have any scope for marketing my services of Inbound or Internet or Digital Marketing to him and his business.

The response he gave is that he does not need Online Marketing for now and that is because he has sufficient business already and he does not need more business. Interesting situation to have!! In fact, I was not trying to sell, but he is not “needing” the online marketing. Anyway, he will come to the Online Marketing soon.

In a way, people who are satisfied with their offline marketing and referral marketing, they get their hands full and they don’t need Online Marketing.

In other hand, I see there is so much need for him to start working on building the brand of his from day 1. It is better to engage with customers and prospects from today itself to connect with them and be in touch in all ways.

Still I believe, this entrepreneur needs Online Marketing!! 🙂

Understand OneClick – Maayaa Marketing’s flagship product


First Level Pitch:
I am calling from OneClick app company, and our flagship product is OneClick – which is used for publishing a content to multiple social media with just one click.
This is completely meant for any marketing agencies, who does lot of content marketing for their customers.

Second Level Deep Pitch:

For your customers, in order to do social media marketing, your agents might sit and manually publish same content (Text content, Images, Videos) one by one. But, with OneClick Product you create a content only once, but with just oneclick, you can publish to all social media at once.

We provide subsciption model also. So, it will be provided very cost-effective per user.

If interested, we can schedule an appointment with you for an online demo or in person demo.

If you are not right person, can you please refer to correct person in your company?

thank you

Local Business Online Marketing and Online Presence – Digital Marketing – India



We have been doing online marketing for local businesses for quite sometime.  This article is about the online marketing and maintaining online presence of a particular local business and let us take an example of one of our customers – Sun Driving School, Madurai, India.

It was a gradual process of adopting this local business into our Online/Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing Machine. Sun Driving School had been one of our long time customers from the beginning.

To just name a few of our one time work and continuous effort we put in for this company –
We have an excellent website first of all – Sun Driving School.
Next, we have presence in Facebook and it is active. We found where are the customers hanging out and what were the keywords anybody would search for benefits of the local business. We went to those like – Facebook, All kinds of Online Classifieds, Google Maps, Blogs and Online Website.

If anyone searches for driving school in Madurai, Sun Driving School is the best. This company also thanks us for the increase in number of enquiries in their business and improvement in their business after digital marketing. Another reason is most of their customers are all youngsters and they can be caught or met only in Social Media these days!!

On top of that, as we usually advocate, it is not enough if we do Online Marketing, but also the customer has to perform well and satisfy all their customers with their service and customer satisfaction policy.

Overall, this is just a case study of Online Marketing and Online Presence done by Maayaa Marketing Services.