Investigative Marketing with various tools and data in hand like Google Analytics, Live Chat, E-Mail Newsletter subscription, Events Leads, Phone Enquiry Leads and more

Marketing is a very interesting topic and it has various dimensions to it. In our previous article, we talked about Virtual Reality Marketing, and in other topics we have been talking about other topics and also have core expertise in Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc., But today we are going to talk about Investigative Marketing, which we practice day in and day out.

We have various tools today to identify the customer and analyze on every lead and customer who touches the business at various touch points. Given the data of Google Analytics, Events leads, Phone Enquiry Leads, E-Mail Newsletter subscription leads, Customer Database etc., we can come up with an investigative analysis and conversion rates of leads to customers and also this effort on investigation will help in avoiding any customer dropouts and retention of customers.

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