How to use Live Chat in website feature to generate leads?

This Live Chat feature in a website is part of Customer Experience Management and it is one of the touch points for the customer with the business. It is one of the important features to be used similar to a counter to chat with the customer or a telephone device to talk to a customer. How effectively are the representatives using it? Are they correctly using the website visitor and generating leads or are they wasting the lead?

Only when we go into the real scenario, we can understand it. It might look like all is well. As usual, we did a market study and analysis on a business by business basis. Today, this article is about a Real Estate Builder in Chennai and it’s website.

Website is all good. As soon as I open the website, I have a representative saying Hi to me. Her name was Shruthi, and I am sure that is a false name. The timing was quick. As soon as I opened the site, I was pinged back, which is good.

But, the point to be improved is as follows. I was trying to ask, what is the rental property value, if I buy the property and give it for rent. The question is related to buying their property only and it is about their sales only. Instead of answering my question, Shruthi was behaving like a robot and starting to explain about the property only.

After my repeated posting of my question with deeper explanation about my question, Shruthi kept on saying please give my name and number. I am a customer, who would want to clarify my basic doubt and I am not ready to give my number to a frequent spam caller, unless I clear the doubt. If the rental value is to my satisfactory level, I might positively give my number or even I might ask their number for me to call.

Since, Shruthi was only curious to get my name and number, I did not give my number and I closed the chat. The lesson here is – Live Chat representative should help or in fact any customer dealing representative should HELP and do not try to grab the customer’s contact details. If you really help, automatically the lead is your customer.

That is a simple trick to GENERATE LEADS and/or to CONVERT your LEADS to CUSTOMERS.


Personalized way to engage Customers via Live Chat facility in your website


There are various ways to be connected to the prospects and the customers at various touch points. If the customer walks into the store or your office, that is a major step for the business owner because the customer can be brought to a table or a room to make the sale or show the real products or services you are selling and make a sale as well. Or at the least, you could get their name and phone  number to get in touch with them to make a sale. This is the story in the offline world

In other hand, in the digital world, which runs parallel to the offline world, as soon the customer opens your company website, you or your representative should know that. That means, the customer has to be contacted and asked if he has any questions or what he/she is looking for and address the question.

There are many FREE live chat software for website available and this helps you to easily engage a prospect into a customer. Lead generation is very easy in this case, because it is easy to catch hold of the inquisitive customer visiting your website.

In addition, the website chat can be managed by multiple agents in rotation basis, and the live chat provides such facilities to notify multiple agents at the same time and one of the agents can pick it up and chat with the customers.

In addition to the above TOP ranking LIVE CHAT feature software available, I recently checked out, which I think is good. I shall keep you updated with more details about lead generation using Live Chat.

By the way, there is something called Investigative Marketing (well, I just coined this name), in which you could use a combination of tools to find out about the prospect or the website visitor like using Google Analytics, Live Chat etc., and make lead generation and make Sales easily.