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Powerful Marketing Methods to reach all the channels via Multi-Channel Marketing – Casa Grande Builders in Chennai


Today, I wake up in the morning and after my normal physical and sports exercises, I open different newspapers for the day. Considering that it is Saturday, I have some time to spend with the newspapers for the day. Saturday is usually a great day to reach out to buyers and stay into the minds of them for the future purchase.

Having got the news about the new project launch and its offer price by Casa Grande builders in Chennai via the newspapers, it stayed in my mind. I already know the other competitor builders in the same area doing in the same range of rates, with the apartment product ready itself.

I decide to go via that route and try to check out the product they are launching. In the car, I listen to the radio and I hear the news about the launch of the new projects by Casa Grande Builders. Another hit on my head with the same news. This puts strong into my mind.

I see a big banner on the way of the product launch by Casa Grande Builders of Chennai. I see small banners near my home, which is 10 kms away from the actual project of the builder. On the way to the project of the builder, I see direction pointing of the building project in every turn all the way from the OMR starting point.

Websites are updated. Social Media is updated with all the updates of Casa Grande’s new project launch and what we are trying to say here is – The project has excellently reached all the people in Chennai. Awesome work by Casa Grande Chennai on Multi-Channel Marketing.

Personalized way to engage Customers via Live Chat facility in your website


There are various ways to be connected to the prospects and the customers at various touch points. If the customer walks into the store or your office, that is a major step for the business owner because the customer can be brought to a table or a room to make the sale or show the real products or services you are selling and make a sale as well. Or at the least, you could get their name and phone  number to get in touch with them to make a sale. This is the story in the offline world

In other hand, in the digital world, which runs parallel to the offline world, as soon the customer opens your company website, you or your representative should know that. That means, the customer has to be contacted and asked if he has any questions or what he/she is looking for and address the question.

There are many FREE live chat software for website available and this helps you to easily engage a prospect into a customer. Lead generation is very easy in this case, because it is easy to catch hold of the inquisitive customer visiting your website.

In addition, the website chat can be managed by multiple agents in rotation basis, and the live chat provides such facilities to notify multiple agents at the same time and one of the agents can pick it up and chat with the customers.

In addition to the above TOP ranking LIVE CHAT feature software available, I recently checked out, which I think is good. I shall keep you updated with more details about lead generation using Live Chat.

By the way, there is something called Investigative Marketing (well, I just coined this name), in which you could use a combination of tools to find out about the prospect or the website visitor like using Google Analytics, Live Chat etc., and make lead generation and make Sales easily.

Omni-Channel Marketing Company in India on the rise – Maayaa Marketing Services


Maayaa Marketing Services is an Omni-Channel Marketing Company which monitors,
interacts, broadcasts and engages with the prospects and customers in all touch points of the today’s communication world. Company educates, consults, engages and implements
Social Media Management, Internet Marketing, SEO, Bulk SMS, E-Mail Marketing,
Designing, Printing, Websites, Chats, Mobile Apps, eCommerce, Photos, Videos, Events,
Outdoor Marketing, Customer Experience Management, Feedback and Survey, Content
Marketing via Blogs, Brochures, Whitepapers, Case Studies and more.

Our goal is to make all touch-points and marketing channels talk the same language and to facilitate all marketing channels to the sales platforms. In that way, there is improved sales, for every marketing investment our customers make.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Analysis of a vertical – Jewellery Shops Market in Chennai


We did a recent analysis on the jewellery shops in Chennai, about what is their status on Omni-Channel Marketing and how much they have achieved. The list you see in green is in the order in which they have achieved the omni-channel marketing techniques and they are doing it correctly. Orange color is doing good in the multi-channel marketing, but they need little bit improvements and they are good overall. Yellow shaded companies needs some improvements and Red shaded companies needs lot of rework.

We have applied all the factors involved in Omni-Channel Marketing and does all the interfaces convey the same message to the user, because the users and customers do a touch point with the business in many points and it is important for the business to talk to and address the questions asked by the customers or prospects.

Setting up Omni-Channel Marketing from your existing Multi-Channel Marketing easily


As we have discussed in our previous articles, your company might have Multi-Channel Marketing already setup. Ok, one step back – What is Multi-Channel Marketing? There might be various channels your company might be marketing today like In-Store/In-Office, Outdoor, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc., But, do you think that is enough?

The answer is BIG No. We are missing a major opportunity, if you are not doing omni-channel marketing.

We have researched thoroughly on how to implement Omni-Channel Marketing in any organization. Customer using any medium or channel should be able to reach a Customer Service Executive, who will be at last doing a Point of Sale. This will make every Channel to lead to a point of sale and that is the most effective way of marketing and that is what is Omni-Channel Marketing.

Just to give an example in a brief in few lines —
In your website, there has to be links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other Social Media, the information about your point of sale store/shop/sales office Location with Map, Phone Numbers which are active, LiveChat in your website, MCF component (where the visitor of the website can view blog feed, see Twitter feed, share it into major social media), website to be SEO Compatible,
eCommerce functionality if it is B2C, E-Mail Subscription (Get their Email), Standard Content like Case Studies,
Whitepapers(Get their Contact Details), Video on home page (link to YouTube) etc., This is just to give example. All of these should lead to a point of sale and that is the success of the marketing.

We have a detailed strategy on implementation of Omni-Channel Marketing and we can do a FREE Consultation in person or by phone in detail and we will talk exactly about your business and no general presentation.

Omni-Channel Marketing Analysis and Implementation


Today, we at Maayaa Marketing Services (OneClick India Digital Marketing Agency) did a thorough analysis on what is the status of Omni-Channel Marketing for the Gold Jewellers in Chennai.

We have a huge list 150+ points of check-list to do consulation and evaluation analysis of the current situation of the Omni-Channel Marketing for any business today.

First, we listed the companies we wanted to evaluate and came up with jotting down points and comments for every data point we have in the check list.

GRT Jewellers
Prince Jewellery
NAC Jewellery
Mehta Jewellery
Nathella Jewellery
Khazana Jewellery
Sree Kumaran Thanga Maligai
Nalli Jewellery
Vummidi VBJ
Kamadhenu Jewellery
Lalithaa Jewellery
Kerala Jewellery

We found ONLY one or two jewellers doing perfect Omni-Channel Marketing. Some are doing decent Multi-Channel Marketing, but they are not engaging the customers properly and because of that they are loosing business. Some of the jewellers are seriously doing bad in terms of Omni-Channel or Multi-Channel Marketing perspectives.

We can help you if needed and we will be happy to help. Thank you

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