Domino’s Pizza missing the point in Omni-Channel Marketing

Dominos Pizza Jubilant FoodWorks is missing the point on Omni-Channel Marketing. Here is the real-time case study, which happenned on Feb 1st 2017 evening.

The customer (Say the name is Raja) is in a dinner with his office colleagues in Barbeque Nation and his family was at home waiting for him. While they wait, they also would like to order and have something from home and have dinner. So his wife decided that they need a pizza. She calls her husband and asks him to order the pizza!

Raja tries to get the phone number of the local area Domino’s pizza near his home. Googled, and found a number which was not-reachable. Inconvenience number 1.
Learning from Inconvenience: Valid numbers should be placed in Internet. A possibility of missing a sales from any customer. Customer could have moved to Pizza Hut at this point.

Raja cannot go in person to buy and deliver, so going in person option is ruled out. Raja decides to make an  online order. He opens up dominos website and orders online and he was able to successfully place the order. He was happy and continuing his dinner at Barbeque Nation Restaurant.

Raja got a call from a landline number and he was told his order is cancelled from Domino’s shop, because he ordered the pizza in a different area and not in the location near his home. Raja asked the attendant if there is a way to transfer the order to the local shop in his home location. The domino’s attendant told sorry for the inconvenience and this order has to be cancelled and cannot execute this order. Inconvenience Number 2 and this is a major one.

Learning 2 from the Inconvenience:
Domino’s should have had an option to seemlessly deliver to the customer. Raja’s concern is that he ordered pizza via domino’s dot com only and not in any other website. Domino’s should be able to give a easy customer friendly interface and experience in all the mediums of the touch points like phone call, SMS, Internet etc.,

Is Domino’s listening? Will it change for better to achieve – Omni-Channel Sales and Marketing?

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Bulk SMS and Local Mobile Phone Numbers Database for India



As an Omni-Channel Marketing company, we are expanding our wings to be equipped with all types of Marketing. We are undergoing a strategic partnership with AdsDunia for Local Mobile Phone Numbers Database in India and also Bulk SMS facility for small to medium to large businesses to acquire more consumers and customers for the businesses.

Adsdunia Private Limited was started and incorporated in the year 2016.

The Website was launched in the same year 2016 as the company was incorporated. With the motive of bringing all the local business online and providing accurate information about the business to customers, Adsdunia bridges the gap between them.Not all the local business are online , Adsdunia creates awareness about the importance of digital data and expanding the business geographically.

Adsdunia geographically divides data and provides accurate information to customers.Adsdunia provides search about the best in the locality. All related information is roofed under one category so that the customers get the best service.

Omni-Channel Marketing Company in India on the rise – Maayaa Marketing Services


Maayaa Marketing Services is an Omni-Channel Marketing Company which monitors,
interacts, broadcasts and engages with the prospects and customers in all touch points of the today’s communication world. Company educates, consults, engages and implements
Social Media Management, Internet Marketing, SEO, Bulk SMS, E-Mail Marketing,
Designing, Printing, Websites, Chats, Mobile Apps, eCommerce, Photos, Videos, Events,
Outdoor Marketing, Customer Experience Management, Feedback and Survey, Content
Marketing via Blogs, Brochures, Whitepapers, Case Studies and more.

Our goal is to make all touch-points and marketing channels talk the same language and to facilitate all marketing channels to the sales platforms. In that way, there is improved sales, for every marketing investment our customers make.

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Maayaa Marketing Services


Here we come back strong as an Omni-Channel Marketing Company, starting from Feb 1st 2017!!
Though we know that time spent on marketing and advertisement activities are essential for any business to run efficiently, but at the same time we also think it will be best for you to spend time on your core business with full focus and concentration.

Wouldn’t it be easy for you to outsource your marketing and advertising activities to a total marketing company? Maayaa Marketing will be able to help your business reach your customers and prospects in various means and also act as your external marketing department.

Maayaa Marketing Services is a Total Marketing, Advertising Services and Solutions company.

Omni-Channel Marketing Analysis of a vertical – Jewellery Shops Market in Chennai


We did a recent analysis on the jewellery shops in Chennai, about what is their status on Omni-Channel Marketing and how much they have achieved. The list you see in green is in the order in which they have achieved the omni-channel marketing techniques and they are doing it correctly. Orange color is doing good in the multi-channel marketing, but they need little bit improvements and they are good overall. Yellow shaded companies needs some improvements and Red shaded companies needs lot of rework.

We have applied all the factors involved in Omni-Channel Marketing and does all the interfaces convey the same message to the user, because the users and customers do a touch point with the business in many points and it is important for the business to talk to and address the questions asked by the customers or prospects.

Usage of Omni-Channel Marketing to provide your customers a single window and single brand

Setting up your Omni-Channel marketing easy and maintain, if you plan it properly. It is recommended to plan your existing setup of Marketing Channels and evaluate on all the channels individually and find out what all marketing channels are doing good and what is performing weak and needs improvements. Moreover, we need to find out if all the channels are talking the same content and language.

All the videos lead to YouTube engagement and make the customers Subscribe and Engage them with your brand and your business.

Twitter: Keep them informed with all the information and keep the customers engaged.

Mobile App: Open the new window for Sales (PoS) and stay in the hands of all your customers and prospects and help them buy or avail your service in addition to your in person Point of Sale or your website eCommerce.

We have a detailed checklist, which helps anyone to plan, evaluate and implement Omni-Channel Marketing for your business and it does not matter how big your business is. We can implement Omni-Channel Marketing for any scale of business – from one man sole proprietorship to small to medium to large scale businesses!!

Setting up Omni-Channel Marketing from your existing Multi-Channel Marketing easily


As we have discussed in our previous articles, your company might have Multi-Channel Marketing already setup. Ok, one step back – What is Multi-Channel Marketing? There might be various channels your company might be marketing today like In-Store/In-Office, Outdoor, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc., But, do you think that is enough?

The answer is BIG No. We are missing a major opportunity, if you are not doing omni-channel marketing.

We have researched thoroughly on how to implement Omni-Channel Marketing in any organization. Customer using any medium or channel should be able to reach a Customer Service Executive, who will be at last doing a Point of Sale. This will make every Channel to lead to a point of sale and that is the most effective way of marketing and that is what is Omni-Channel Marketing.

Just to give an example in a brief in few lines —
In your website, there has to be links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other Social Media, the information about your point of sale store/shop/sales office Location with Map, Phone Numbers which are active, LiveChat in your website, MCF component (where the visitor of the website can view blog feed, see Twitter feed, share it into major social media), website to be SEO Compatible,
eCommerce functionality if it is B2C, E-Mail Subscription (Get their Email), Standard Content like Case Studies,
Whitepapers(Get their Contact Details), Video on home page (link to YouTube) etc., This is just to give example. All of these should lead to a point of sale and that is the success of the marketing.

We have a detailed strategy on implementation of Omni-Channel Marketing and we can do a FREE Consultation in person or by phone in detail and we will talk exactly about your business and no general presentation.