Problems and Solutions – Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Lot of money is spent on traditional marketing and advertising techniques. Maayaa can help in cutting costs of outbound marketing and traditional/outdoor marketing and also perform effective advertisement.

Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing Solution:
Inbound Marketing is cost effective and Maayaa provides Enterprise Inbound Marketing Services and Consulting in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore and Madurai.

Outbound is not effective and more money is spent, in comparison with that of the Inbound Marketing.


Methodology and Process of Inbound Marketing Chennai Bangalore Mumbai Hyderabad

An established and proven methodology is followed to achieve Client’s business objectives. Simply put, the steps followed are as under

– Get Found – A powerful online presence using Business Blogging, Social Media Marketing and Internet so that prospects can find you.

Convert – B2C and B2B Lead Generation, Conversion and Nurturing

Analyze – Inbound Marketing Analysis

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Can internet marketing and digital marketing help a bad product or a bad company?

Digital Marketing or in other key words Internet Marketing or Inbound Marketing or Social Media Marketing or anything similar to that can help in Online Reputation Management, but can it do anything more?

Whatever marketing efforts any marketing agency does, Sales will boil down to the quality of the product and does the product deliver what is promised. This is what it boils down to.

If the promise is not satisfied, then marketing will back fire with the Bad Reputation in the Internet and Online Presence. Again, clean up efforts will be needed in the Internet for getting Good Reputation Management in the Online Space.

Hence, it is better to do good products, brands and services to make a good marketing and also reaping the benefits of Marketing spend. In fact, in later stages, good quality product will lead to word-of-mouth marketing progress, which is the best way of Marketing without any cost to the company.

Jewellers in Chennai and their Social Media Marketing and Online Digital Brand Presence – Complete Research and Study

We did an analysis and study of the current status of Online Digital Brand Presence of Jewellers, after their work in Social Media Marketing and Online Digital Marketing so far.

Here are the results –
The following jewellers have done a fantastic job in Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing. They use the social media very much to engage prospects and website visitors to engage customers

GRT Jewellers
Prince Jewellery
Jos Alukkas

The following jewellers have done a fairly good job, but there are some improvements which can be done in order to engage the customers all the way up to sales.

NAC Jewellery
Mehta Jewellery
Nathella Jewellery
Khazana Jewellery

The following jewellers use Social Media, but not at all engaging. They post unrelated topics, purely marketing and not very engaging to the customers.

Sree Kumaran Thanga Maligai
Lalithaa Jewellery
Nalli Jewellery
Vummidi VBJ
Kamadhenu Jewellery

The following needs complete revamp of their Online presence and Digital Marketing techniques to reach up to others level.
Kerala Jewellery
Saravana Stores Jewellery

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Online presence status of aspiring customers – Digital Marketing



As a part of our proprietary Online Presence Optimized Process (OPOP), we first Understand current status of the customer in terms of the Online Presence. Based on the status of the customer’s Online Presence status, we categorize Customer’s Online presence

Category1: zero online presence,
Category2: bad-reputed online presence (that is brand damaged online),
Category3: needs improvement online presence,
Category4: very good online presence.

Category 1,2 and 3 are our customers.

If you are one of the category, please let us know – we can do a FREE evaluation of your Online Presence and provide recommendations for your business in terms of Digital Presence and what can be done to go online and build your brand. We will be happy to do it as a case study just absolutely FREE.

Understand OneClick – Maayaa Marketing’s flagship product


First Level Pitch:
I am calling from OneClick app company, and our flagship product is OneClick – which is used for publishing a content to multiple social media with just one click.
This is completely meant for any marketing agencies, who does lot of content marketing for their customers.

Second Level Deep Pitch:

For your customers, in order to do social media marketing, your agents might sit and manually publish same content (Text content, Images, Videos) one by one. But, with OneClick Product you create a content only once, but with just oneclick, you can publish to all social media at once.

We provide subsciption model also. So, it will be provided very cost-effective per user.

If interested, we can schedule an appointment with you for an online demo or in person demo.

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