Can internet marketing and digital marketing help a bad product or a bad company?

Digital Marketing or in other key words Internet Marketing or Inbound Marketing or Social Media Marketing or anything similar to that can help in Online Reputation Management, but can it do anything more?

Whatever marketing efforts any marketing agency does, Sales will boil down to the quality of the product and does the product deliver what is promised. This is what it boils down to.

If the promise is not satisfied, then marketing will back fire with the Bad Reputation in the Internet and Online Presence. Again, clean up efforts will be needed in the Internet for getting Good Reputation Management in the Online Space.

Hence, it is better to do good products, brands and services to make a good marketing and also reaping the benefits of Marketing spend. In fact, in later stages, good quality product will lead to word-of-mouth marketing progress, which is the best way of Marketing without any cost to the company.


How do you maintain good Customer Experience via in-person and customer via phone?


I was standing in a queue for a customer service. There was one elderly person ahead of me. Only one customer representative attending all the customers in the queue. While he was attending us, he got a phone call and he started talking to the phone customer.

The elderly customer said why do you talk on phone instead of dealing with customers. The representative responded – I am talking to a customer only.

Actually, the representative should prioritize on which customer is important, though there is a fact that all customers are same and customer is a customer. Now, he has got an irritated customer.

How should have the representative deal with this kind of situation?

Ideally, the customer in person is most important, because he/she had come all the way in person to deal with the representative or the Company. Having said that, the phone customer could be in an emergency as well. So, the representative should check if someone else can attend the phone or the in person customer. If there is no other resource to take care, then he should check if it is an emergency for the phone customer. if not, then ask for the name and phone number of the customer and ask if he can call back the customer. If that is done, he can attend the in person customer with complete satisfaction and then call the phone customer and take care of them too.

Customer Experience at all mediums and PoS and point of contacts is very important. Any damage to the phone customer or to the in person customer will lead to bad review comments in the Social Media and that is kind of tough to remove it, though Maayaa Marketing Services can help you with Online Reputation Management as well.

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Reputation Management -?



How will you protect my online reputation?

There are a lot of Reputation Management providers that has come out of the internet sites and all has the same guarantee: to protect your online reputation. The only aspect differentiates all reputation management companies is the process and the strategies they use.

Here at Maayaa Marketing Services, we safeguard your reputation with our preventive and combative strategy as we believed the prevention is always better than cure. We not only combat detractors and negative content on the internet but we also make sure that our clients can be rest assured that we will keep their reputation guarded by establishing preventive measures.

Online Reputation Management and Online Web Presence Optimization



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Many companies take it easy on Online Reputation Management and Online Web Presence. As you know, majority of the customers who have unpleasant experiences, do not express the feelings to the company itself. But, they go out to the social media or any internet outlet and pour the feelings there.

There might be some unhappy customers to all businesses. If the company is able to handle the customers do their best customer service, this spillage of bad reviews in the internet can be avoided. How much so ever, the company is careful, there might be bad reviews sometimes.

This situation can be avoided or reduced by Online Reputation Management implementation and also Online Web Presence Optimization.

Search Results consists of links to the websites, in an order basically and also the limit of 10 links in a page. Online reputation management will make sure good reviews and normal links comes to the top and automatically bad review goes to further pages.

If any questions about Online Reputation Management and how we do Optimization of Online Web Presence and Building Online Branding for better business.

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