One of the Strengths of Maayaa Marketing and Advertising Agency

Strengths of Maayaa Marketing is that we can make your phone ring continuously with quality leads for your business. Be it any business you are in, whatever product or service it could be.

Seriously, we have proved in various markets before and we mean really getting lot of leads. The reason is we know how to reach really via Digital Marketing and use Inbound Marketing techniques to get calls from customers.

How to generate leads via the Social Media techniques. Converting the enquiries and visitors to Customers etc., If you are interested in any one of these or all please let us know. We can explain from scratch, how we can strategize, plan and implement this plan completely for our effective inbound marketing.

You may reach out to us for a FREE consultation!


Do I need Digital Marketing Consultation, Strategy and Planning for my brand and company?

When someone asks us about Digital Marketing, first thing we do is understand the current online situation of the company or brand. We research on that considering various factors. With this research, the outcome would be to see what the company lags in terms of Digital Marketing and Online Digital Presence.

The next steps of tasks would be based on that. All the improvement steps like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Website Revamp or Optimization etc., will be done to the company.

However, before we start the work, we take a snapshot of all the Analytics, so that we could show the improvement of the Online Presence and what effect our marketing has done will be shown to the customer.

So, it all starts with the FREE Digital Marketing Consultation customers ask for. We will work on Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning based on your current online presence and situation.

How does Influencer Marketing work? How to use influence as a way of Marketing? Does Influenzer marketing work at all effectively?

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer Marketing is a way to reach out to customers and spread the information in different ways, but in turn unconsciously convince the customers about the brand or product or service or business they are marketing for. This is done in different ways nowadays.

This Influence Marketing is done with the help of network of Bloggers in every industry. For example, if you have a restaurant launching or you want to improve the marketing reach of the restaurant, then influence marketing can help here. The Marketing Agency like Maayaa Marketing will contact the network of bloggers and blog about this restaurant and influence their followers separately. In this way, it will not look like an advertisement at all. This will be one of the articles of the blogger and already this blogger will have a huge following. When these influential bloggers blog about the product or brand or business, then the effect it will bring will be in multiples.

Influence Marketing is very effective when it comes to Internet based modern age marketing. More the readership of the blogs of the influencer bloggers, then the reach multiplies.

Influence Marketing is not only via Bloggers, but also all the Influential Social Media Writers/Communicators as well.

If you want to market in India, using Influence Marketing, you may contact us – Maayaa Marketing Agency!

How to choose your digital branding agency for your products and services?

Branding is the most important part of Marketing. There are cases, in which just the logo can make you sales, once the brand is set to the product and services.

In this digital world, Digital Branding is must for any company of any type. How to choose your digital branding agency is the topic of interest now.

The digital branding agency should be able to create a perfect Corporate Logo, which will convey your important brand elements like Brand Name, Brand Promise, Brand Personality and Brand Associations.

The digital marketing agency should be able to create awareness, insistence, prefernce and recognition of the brand in the minds of the consumers/customers.

There are various ways Brands are conveyed digitally – Logo, Website, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Mobile App and more. Digital Marketing Agency or in other words your Digital Branding Agency should be able to spread the word and plant the company brand into the minds of the consumers.

This capability comes with practice, creativity and persistence.

MAAYAA MARKETING SERVICES – your digital branding agency

Digital Marketing Costs and Prices in Maayaa Marketing Agency

When we propose Digital Marketing, considering the customer’s need, We suggest the following services – 

1) Search Engine Optimization – Will aim for identified keywords – Rs.xxxx charged ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS.
2) Content Marketing – Blogging – 3 to 5 to 7(also in best case weeks) blog posts per week talking about subject matter, Business Operations of industry etc.,targeting the identified keywords. – Rs.xxxx PER MONTH.
3) Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and InstagramRs.xxxx PER MONTH.
(a) In addition We provide access to our proprietary product FREE of cost, to post content to different social media platforms at one click.

4) Internet Marketing – Posting the website link in various classifieds and related forums, for the reach of the brand in different channels and PR websites. – Rs.xxxx ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS. We will do two times in 6 months.
5) Collection of business Database of Chennai, other cities in Tamil Nadu, other metro cities in India and if possible other non-metro cities of other states of India. – Price not fixed yet.
6) Bulk SMS facilityPrice not fixed yet.
7) Apart from this, there are some things we could do if we have higher budget, like Influencer Marketing (by contacting all the bloggers India wide) and paying them and also in addition to that we could do Google Paid Ads, Facebook Paid Ads etc., We could discuss more on this.


How we take care of Digital Marketing in any company, as an extension to Marketing Department in a business?

As a marketing consultant, when we talk to any company for the marketing needs, we start to think as a Marketing department of the customer itself and not as an outsider. In the best interests of the company, our proposal is to do Digital Marketing, before we even go for In Person or Outbound call or SMS. The order in which the marketing channels are opened up is – Digital Marketing first and then comes Bulk SMS or E-Mail marketing, Outbound calls and then comes in-person direct marketing in the same order.

In this way, (i) we have traction from the customers, (ii) we will have the brand being built online and also (iii) digital marketing is cost-effective, when compared to that of the other forms of marketing.

Launch a Product or Service or Business in Madurai – Do Digital Marketing using influencer marketing and online marketing

Madurai is our sweet spot and we can perform influence marketing using our any powerful age old blogs (Daily 100s of visitors in our blogs) and social media followers (5000+ followers) we have associated to Madurai.

Madurai is a city, down south to Chennai 400 kms away, but it has a good market for many B2C, FMCG, Real Estate or in that case any product launch or services launch or any business launch you want to do.

We can reach to 10,000s in just few days and get the word out in an organic manner and have your brand presence done smooth.

Contact us if you need help or FREE consultation in terms of marketing any product or service or business in Madurai.

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