Marketing with Virtual Reality – Samsung VR Gear – 3D visualization

Yesterday, when I visited Chennai Trade Centre for the FAIRPRO – CREDAI Properties Exhibition and I found many interesting stories and improvements on Offline Marketing there, which I will list down in another article. However, for this article I would like to stick to one new technology Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality had been in for games and did not come farther than that for many years. But, now the usage of technology into real world marketing world has started and that is definitely a new era.

The real estate project company in Chennai called Reflections Chennai by Olympia Merlin Group in ECR had that facility for me to sit in a corner of the kiosk and I was able to experience the 3D view and feel like I was there in the apartment and I was able to look around. This is a fantastic feature in terms of Marketing and that moment we decided to add this to our services list.

If any customer wants to give an experience of your projects, without even doing a site visit of the actual project, it is a wonderful way to do that. This will reduce the site visit costs at least at the first level and there is a possibility of sales to begin right at the office or at the exhibition desk itself. Ask us how!!

We already have ability to create 3D modeling videos, visuals via our partners in the venture. We are already into Real Estate 3D modeling videos, so it is just adding the video/mobile to the decide and that is the easy task.

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