Can internet marketing and digital marketing help a bad product or a bad company?

Digital Marketing or in other key words Internet Marketing or Inbound Marketing or Social Media Marketing or anything similar to that can help in Online Reputation Management, but can it do anything more?

Whatever marketing efforts any marketing agency does, Sales will boil down to the quality of the product and does the product deliver what is promised. This is what it boils down to.

If the promise is not satisfied, then marketing will back fire with the Bad Reputation in the Internet and Online Presence. Again, clean up efforts will be needed in the Internet for getting Good Reputation Management in the Online Space.

Hence, it is better to do good products, brands and services to make a good marketing and also reaping the benefits of Marketing spend. In fact, in later stages, good quality product will lead to word-of-mouth marketing progress, which is the best way of Marketing without any cost to the company.