Being a Digital Marketing Consultant is easy in Chennai?

It is like an Engineer story. Not to defame any true Engineer, but currently the situation in Tamil Nadu is like that in terms of Engineers. In 80s, there was one engineer in total colony, in 90s one or two in a big area, in 2000s in every street many engineers. Digital Marketing Consultants are in the same way. Every other person is a Digital Marketing Consultant. Anyone who can spell Digital Marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing becomes a Digital Marketing Consultant.

So, being a Digital Marketing Consultant is easy, but will that help the Society? Yes and No. However, being a Digital Marketing Consultant is easy, but shining as one is very important and challenging. The result oriented Digital Marketing Consultant is very rare today.

Can Marketing be done without thinking about Results? Marketing is a way of spreading the word, which in turns into Sales. If anyone is doing their work with passion and Love towards the work, then definitely any work can be with excellent output.

Digital Marketing is an amazing subject and as we love doing Digital Marketing projects for our customers, we are in a position to excel at our work.


Digital Marketing Services in Chennai as a Internet Marketing Agency in India

Some of the key services we could do for you are –

  • Digital Marketing Speech
  • Training & Workshops
  • Digital Marketing Consultation/ Strategy
  • Social Media Consultation, Plan & Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy/ Plan
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing Audit
  • Digital Marketing Implementation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Brand & Message Development
  • Review Your Product

How does Influencer Marketing work? How to use influence as a way of Marketing? Does Influenzer marketing work at all effectively?

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer Marketing is a way to reach out to customers and spread the information in different ways, but in turn unconsciously convince the customers about the brand or product or service or business they are marketing for. This is done in different ways nowadays.

This Influence Marketing is done with the help of network of Bloggers in every industry. For example, if you have a restaurant launching or you want to improve the marketing reach of the restaurant, then influence marketing can help here. The Marketing Agency like Maayaa Marketing will contact the network of bloggers and blog about this restaurant and influence their followers separately. In this way, it will not look like an advertisement at all. This will be one of the articles of the blogger and already this blogger will have a huge following. When these influential bloggers blog about the product or brand or business, then the effect it will bring will be in multiples.

Influence Marketing is very effective when it comes to Internet based modern age marketing. More the readership of the blogs of the influencer bloggers, then the reach multiplies.

Influence Marketing is not only via Bloggers, but also all the Influential Social Media Writers/Communicators as well.

If you want to market in India, using Influence Marketing, you may contact us – Maayaa Marketing Agency!

Low cost Marketing Strategies for Newspaper Advertising Agencies to reach their customers

Newspaper is a very effective and very powerful advertising medium and in order to exploit the full potential it has got, it needs to reach the right amount of number.

First collect both tangible and non-tangible benefits which one can derive from advertising through your newspaper agency. Then plan and strategize to reach more and more people

Following are the ways which can be used to increase your reach:

  1. Online Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Human billboards and flyers, etc.,

There can be various other means and ways which you can use so that:

  • Your Brand building happens
  • Your Brand selling happens

If you are wondering how to go about all this, you can probably try Maayaa Marketing Agency. It is an one stop place where you can get all kinds of advertising mediums as you want. Also they can make campaigns specific to you as per your requirements.

Digital Marketing Strategy Improvements for Newspaper and Magazine Online

Here are the pointers on how to improve Digital Marketing Strategy for Newspaper and Magazines Online

  1. SEO Evaluation Report and Improvements
  2. Speed up the Website loading
  3. Paid Advertisements
  4. Feed up more YouTube Videos
  5. Track and Compare Analytics
  6. Implement CMS if not exists
  7. Social Media Integration from CMS – FB, Twitter, Instagram
  8. Social Engagement Techniques – Can detail
  9. Categorization and Personalization in CMS
  10. Polls and Surveys
  11. Digital Asset Management
  12. Short News Mobile App or Breaking News Mobile App
  13. Social Journalism
  14. Digital Release previous day evening  – No update frequently

Design Process of Digital Branding and Marketing Agency in Chennai

Straight Question! What is your Design Process for Digital Branding and Marketing Agency in Chennai –

This is a standard process which any major Design Studio will follow and this is what our team also does –

Design Brief – Ask Questions to understand and extract what we need from the customer.
Research – To find out about the product, company, competitors, market, industry etc.,
Sketching and Conceptualizing – Actual Design Work
Revisions – Revise and improve the design work
Presentation – Present all of the best outputs to the customer
Delivery – Deliver the BEST Logo
Support – Support on the delivery

We have the best pool of cartoonists, drawing artists to deliver you the design works, as part of MAAYAA DIGITAL BRANDING AGENCY

How should a logo look like, what a logo should convey?

Your Digital Branding Agency should be able to come up with a totally unique logo for your company by following the unique design strategy and process. An effective logo should be distinct, practical, appropriate and in simple form to convey the intended message by following some guidelines about the Logo –

1) Logo must be SIMPLE in form.
2) Logo must be a memorable one.
3) Logo must be long standing for many years to come and for decades even.
4) Logo must be versatile to be compatible to any medium and application
5) At last a logo must be appropriate to convey the correct message.

Learn from the leaders and the established brands and we can learn how brands are built using the LOGOs.